Where as some years ago and thin with small curves was considered sexy now as the hips. It is understandable why anyone would want to have bigger hips. If you are serious about getting wider hips, here are some tips that will answer the old question “how can I get bigger hips?” Combine these with our smoothing. The hip of yoga exercises for the hip and wider for even better results for extension of the hip.


Do a certain exercise can help him obtain wider hips. Things like the foot side up and the lunges side shoot certain muscles that bend and add the definition to your area hip. Using weights such as dumbbells can help make things a bit more challenging. When you add resistance as dumbbells its exercises of the hip you get results more quickly.

Check out this post with a training of 3 minutes to bigger hips quickly.


Consider adding yoga to your routine. Yoga is great for stretching a toning. Do some yoga poses can help loosen up your hips. When you loosen up your hips will spread a little over time with enough practice. This is a good method to obtain wider hips. You need to learn a few poses? Here is an article about some yoga poses that will help you to spread your hips and more extensive.


The surgery is another method that you can use to obtain bigger hips. There are two specific surgeries that you can use to obtain bigger hips. A surgery would be fat grafts. When you choose this method, the doctors take out the fat of a section of your body as your love handles, or stomach. Then, they focus the fat to make sure you have a greater chance of being and not be absorbed back into his body and metabolized. This grease is injected in the hips. The doctor tries to shape the fat to look natural.

Another surgery would be hip implants. Although these are less common these are only implants designed to feel natural to be placed inside his body in a pocket, the doctor does.

With both methods, there is a serious risk. You will also need to consider the recovery time. These methods usually means that you will not be able to put any pressure on the area for a few weeks.


There are some pills and creams designed to help you improve your hips. The curves of the code are designed to help you to deposit more fat in their hips and the area of the extremity. They also help to lose fat around your waist and lose love handles that is why it is called “code curves”. You can learn more about how each ingredient in curves of code works from this previous post. You can buy “code curves” of our online store.


The wear form is another way that you can get wider hips. This creates the illusion of wider hips. By choosing the better and more natural fit and feel is the most important part. There are 3 types of wear of the form designed to your hips look wider.

The first is padded panties. These are padded in the hips. These generally appear to be dramatic. The disadvantage of this style is that they may move around which can make you end up looking for deformed or giving away her secret padding.

The second style are mounted. They have a tape on the sides which are assumed to raise your butt a hips above pushing above your fat. This will not work if your don’t have too much fat ass to work. It also may look sloppy and strange if the fat around your ass is thicker at random.

The latter are shapers that compress your body all except their hips. The more expensive the taper to help your fat distribute uniformly. The cheaper you can do with your hips to bulging out a unpleasant.

Good look in his journey to wider hips.